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Attractive and useful round floating dock for Windows


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You may be tired of the start menu and the system tray you have ben seeing since you are using Windows and it can be a good time for a change.

Nowadays everybody want to have a different desktop and Orbit Menu is a very good choice. One thing that makes it to be different to the restof docks is that it does not take up space on screen, it stays hidden and only shows up whenever you call it. That's great, because you can enjoy the fullscreen and see the dock only if you want to.

Orbit Menu offers you an attractive and useful interface. A round dock with crystal reflections that looks like really well. Choose if you will show it with key shorcuts or a mouse gesture, then, a round dock will appear, within that dock you'll find all your programs classified into categories, add programs, change icons,... Manag it and make it to be as useful as you want. Magnific!

Don't hesitate, download Orbit Menu and enjoy a new and useful dock that will give your computer a new generation style.
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